Julian & Jason

Julian Wessel

Julian was born in Arlesheim in Baselland in 1986, his family being no strangers to carpentry and handcraft. He learned to swing a hammer before he could walk. Growing up in New Zealand he followed his craftsman talent and was already earning money through building from the age of 16. His passion for flying however developed into a full time career and carpentry fell into the background. He moved back to Switzerland in 2007 and rediscovered his love for woodworking, especially through a close working relationship with his father who is a master carpenter. He has created a framework to allow continued professional work in aviation as well as professional work in the field of carpentry and building. He challenges himself to find new ideas and create unique designs and concepts. For every obstacle of design, he has found an individual solution.

Jason Ransome

Jason was born in 1981 in Melbourne, Australia to a family with a rich history of craftsmanship. His grandfather was one of most sort after cabinet makers and wood machinists in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. His father and brother are both also tradesmen and trades teachers. Jason’s career path took a different turn working many years as a real estate agent. He loved working with people and assisting them to buy and sell homes. This was where he learnt about administration and marketing. It were these skills that saw him become the secretary of the Basel Cricket club in Switzerland, a position he has held since 2010. It was after Jason worked with Julian designing and assisting the construction of a piece of furniture for his home that he decided they should both combine their passions of carpentry and selling to build a unique business. Welcome to RoomWerk.