The floor

The sundeck

In order to not damage any existing tiles for construction on this rental property, the Oregon pine flooring was laid "floating". The rib type framing underneath supports itself without attachment to the floor. Warm feet, enhanced outdoor sitting and easy removal.


Material: Oregon-pine (Douglas)


The ballroom

To reduce noise and improve floor flexibility the old flooring was removed and replaced. Aleppo pine was layed on top of existing framing and insulation.





Material: Aleppo pine (maritime pine)


The glasshouse

Inside this winter-garden, the combination of stone and wood floor to balance the wood and stone structure allowed for an effective match up. Using angles and transitions of parquet flooring and stone flooring to maximize natural light and design.


Materials: Gum-tree parquet; Jura limestone

The stairway

To refresh an old staircase and bringing it back to life, solid oak steps were installed and fitted with painted pine fronts. A new handrail was fitted and a rope was used to secure the inside drop - allowing for maximum light for maximum effect.



Material: Oak, pine, jute rope


The kitchen

A time consuming process certainly ensures the desired WOW effect! Here, a already impressive kitchen gets a floor to match the room. The design flows through to the living room and every shape needed to be individually cut and fitted.



Material: Oak parquet