The bed

The keep

This queen sized bed holds in its design strong defined lines and solid room presence. Using a mixture of woods, with large square beech posts for tower like legs and large areas of spruce pine. It incorporates a flat foot end and raised flattop head board for a nightstand and also includes individually controlled lights for reading and room illumination.




Materials: Beech wood; spruce pine; halogen lights

The tower

A raised sleeping surface to a height of 80 cm to allow full use of panoramic lake views, this standard single bed offers some unique aspects. Constructed to allow unrestricted use of a fully adjustable mattress frame and 2 step-stairs to allow easier access. Also includes indirect and direct lighting and a raised bedside table with draw out shelves. Storage access below the bed and the night stand make good use of the large hidden spaces.


Materials: Spruce pine; beech wood; light chain (fairy lights)

The bridges

Beds suited for growing children - as alike as they are different. A similarity graced with individualism. For the boy a castle, corners and battlements; for the girl a flow of curved lines and a crown above the head. Both beds have an additional drawer-bed underneath and have removable barricades on the side. Providing the perfect bridge from a eventful days play to a world of dreams.



Materials: Beech wood; spruce pine; wheels