The shelf

The minibar

This living room TV wall combines small open shelves with large closed drawers. Mixing the look of traditional wood with modern formica and interchanging depths, paying respect to harmonic dimensions.




Materials: Beech-wood; formica; glass; LED lights


The library

Constructed to fit along the full length of a wall and around the window from floor to ceiling. Mixed darker wood fronts with white pine shelving to look sturdy but not overwhelming in the living room. Incorporating TV, entertainment accessories, book space and storage.


Materials: Beech-wood; spruce pine



The partition

In order to maximise use of a large living room, this bookshelf and TV unit was designed to stand as a divider into the room. Utilising a wider shelf depth and step-design for a strong presence without overwhelming the room space.



Materials: Beech-wood; spruce pine



The atlas

Designed as a TV wall unit but with the possibility to conceal the large TV behind 180 degree opening doors. This shelf unit incorporates glass, lighting and contrasting colors to create a elegant and well placed living room feature.



Materials: formica; American walnut; glass; LED lights

The american

Measuring an impressive 5.5m long and 2.4m high, this large unit was fitted perfectly to the size of the living room wall. Using their American background, our clients ensured the finished product reflected a desired American design. This shelf unit includes hidden cable tracks, 12 doors and a individually made ceiling crown finish.


Materials: Spruce pine painted white

The belief

Through indirect lighting and a play of shadows this unit is stunning on many levels. Built for the purpose of completing a prayer room, this one of  a kind piece, facing North-East, needed to radiate pure beauty while still being functional and practical. The shelves were fronted with waterfall joins and the unit includes drawers and doors for hidden storage space. The handmade wave pattern ensures further impressive effects for the lighting and the overall room presence.



Material: oak; spruce pine; MDF; LED lights