The table

The panel

This dining table was created in the style of a panel table using non-standard dimensions. Strong legs support a solid elm top with no additional framing.




Material: Elm wood


The aristocrat

A clear vision of how to use the available space  was presented to us. The challenges to execute this dream office were worth it! A desk of solid oak, 3.5m long and almost 100kg fitted full length in once piece across the room. Matching shelves also sized to fit, everything attached and secured via non visible systems give this room a royal finish.



Materials: Solid oak

The curve

A dining table offering a unique design. No straight edges anywhere, these proportional curves combine to bring base, stand and table top together in harmony. The anthracite colored foot ensures the required grounding.


Materials: French walnut; pine; steel

The remote

A fun and somewhat unusual coffee table which meets the needs of a flexible space between sofa and TV. 3 legs on 3 large wheels allow easy adjustment of location and use of the shallow table - very practical for combined use with the pull out sofa.


Materials: walnut veneer; square steel piping; wheels

The meeting

A one of a kind conference table,  complete custom construction. Created to allow fold-down wings to reduce table width by 2/3 and wheels to move the table out of the way when the meeting is adjourned.



Materials: Birch multiplex board; round and square steel piping; wheels