The gift

The import

A chest within a crate, created to look like a special shipment from exotic lands. Presented as a treasure chest including lockable latch and cast handles. The metal bracing is handmade, bent and brazed with rivet nails for effect. The curved lid gives it the complete authentic treasure island look. And all placed within a custom made cargo transport crate.


Materials: Maple wood; corner steel; metal fittings (bought); spruce pine

The zippo

Made to look like a Zippo lighter, this lamp is truly a one of a kind. Complete with rotating light switch to "light" the lighter. The lamp fitting and switch can be lifted up to expose a hidden storage space.






Materials: 3 ply spruce pine; electric fittings and switches (bought)

The engagement

Another treasure chest but with very small dimensions to fit only a ring. Using small metal bracing, brazed to size and fitted around the wooden chest. A magnetic contact and a custom hinge hold the lid and inside a soft velvet ring cushion.





Materials: Cherry tree wood; thin metal bracing; velvet lining